Imported sound box Cabinet

We import cabinets from China (main land) and Taiwan on customer’s demand like SRX series, M Audio Series and many designs of line array.these imported sound cabinets like line array empty cabinet top bass and monitor cabinets are import on demand only .The cabinets provide according to customer budget and his applications our imported cabinet made by Russian birch-plywood and Finland plywood.

our quality is same like any brand cabinets .Our dual 12 inch, 2-way line array system, provides refined audio tones and is meant for larger venues. It’s engineering ensures simultaneous durability and quality.

The line array an example of outstanding engineering. The box is designed to obtain unbelievably loud and clear audio while still maintaining its compact size. Ideal for both outdoor and indoor applications.

It is a zero interfere line array loudspeaker with multi- speaker combined to produce accurate directivity and maximum dynamic impact. Wherever low frequency extension is required, DL212 loudspeaker will integrate seamlessly  line array sub-bass system in a standard configuration. Each enclosure is equipped with rigging system, allowing flown array to be constructed rapidly and safely.Dual 12 imported line array empty cabinet  is very versatile and scalable for a wide range of applications in touring performance, corporate and fixed installation fields. Latest line array theory applied, innovative enclosure design, high efficient transducers, wave-guided carbon fiber horn with sophisticatedly verified phase which produces a real line source, unique acoustical structure, easy flying rigs, etc…


line array vt4888 empty cabinet

line array vt4888 empty cabinet

monitor imported cabinet

monitor imported cabinet


line array cabinet

line array cabinet 15 inchee



line array imported cabinets india

line array dual empty cabinet



line array empty cabinet

line array imported horn

live monitor

15″ monitor for stage and djs